Monday, March 5, 2018

The Calculus Story: A Mathematical Adventure

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This is a book that every high school student thinking of studying a formal course in calculus should read. That's because a calculus textbook does not include what's in this book and what could make the subject more interesting for students. (Thank you, David Acheson.) From the book's dust jacket:

What is calculus?
And why is it the key to so much maths and science?

David Acheson believes that the main ideas can be understood by anyone, using only basic school mathematics. He presents calculus as a story, in which Newton, Leibniz, and others gradually build the subject, often by battling with infinity.

Whether you are new to calculus, returning to the subject, or just enjoy a mathematical adventure, David Acheson provides an exceptionally crisp and engaging account of this beautiful and immensely powerful part of mathematics.

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