Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Presenting a Gary Stager Extravaganza

Announcing another major event the week of July 8th -  CMK 2013. I plan to be there and work with other interested math folks on an amazing project. 

If New Hampshire is a draw for you this July then this is one event you can't miss.

(See previous blog about the Logo Conference happening the same time in NY.)

What do chocolate and math have in common?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Keith Devlin's inaugural entry into the video game world: Wuzzit Trouble

Keith Devlin's inaugural entry into the video game world is almost ready for delivery. Click on image to sign up for a notification.

Wuzzit Trouble
In the author’s game, Wuzzit Trouble, the cute and fuzzy creatures must be freed from traps controlled by gearlike combination locks. Players collect keys to open the locks by solving puzzles of varying difficulty.

Read Keith Devlin's article in the American Scientist "The Music of Math Games" for more about Wuzzits, music and math.