Monday, December 5, 2011

Technology Strand Details for Annual NCTM Conference 2012 is now available!

At a Glance
Here's the agenda for this all day (Thursday, 4/26/12) Technology Focus Strand. For speaker information click on "At a Glance" figure on left.

It will be of bit like a chinese menu with several choices for 3 of the 5 time slots.

Altogether there are 25 sessions. Participants following the strand should attend the opening kickoff, choose at least one other sessions from 3 time slots and finally participate in the Learn<->Reflect session at 3:30. [more]

Keynote speakers announced
Diane Ravitch & Ed Burger. More detail about their presentation: (Diane) (Ed)

Featured Technology inspired Presentations...
  • George Hart, The Museum of Mathematics - more
  • Nick Jackiw, 
Key Curriculum Press Technologies, Inc.
 "Euclid’s Elements: An Interactive Geometry Perspective" - more
  • Cliff Konold, 
University of Massachusetts Amherst.
 "Breathing Life into Data and Chance with Tinkerplots 2.0" - more
  • Dan Meyer, 
Stanford University.
 Why Students Hate Word Problems - more
  • Jim Rubillo, 
DeSales University.
 Are We Using New Technology Strategically? - more
And one more that I would include in the featured list is the kickoff session for Thursday's technology strand.
  • Thomas P. Dick,

 Guidelines for Choosing and Using Technology in the Mathematics Classroom - more
If you are planning to attend the conference I hope you will stop by the CLIME booth to say hello and/or catch my session on Thursday at 11:00am. 
  • Math Learning 2.0: New Vision for a Web 2.0 World - more
Can't make it to Philly?
For those of you that were hoping to present at the conference but either forgot to submit a proposal or were not accepted, there will be an online technology & math event the week of April 23rd sponsored by CLIME. Gary Stager will be one of the presenters/discussants.

Much more detail about all the above in my next blog entry.