Friday, July 1, 2011

ISTE Conference Reflections - My presentation - video available!

Click here for video of talk
In case you missed it, the title of my presentation at ISTE was Math 2.0: Scenes from the Dynamic Math Classroom. (My soon to be revised agenda page's link is here.) Besides promoting my vision of Math 2.0 and sharing some scenarios from potential dynamic classrooms, my personal goal for the session was to kick off my plan to write a "dynamic book" that is tentatively titled the same as my presentation "Math 2.0: Scenes from a Dynamic Classroom". It will include the five activities (stories) I mentioned in my talk:

  1. Average traveler
  2. Stock Market Game Jr.
  3. Shopping Spree Adventures*
  4. Measuring the Circumference of the Earth (In the spirit of Eratosthenes)
  5. The Great Green Globs challenge
The first story I'm putting together is the Eratosthenes measurement activity/project which BTW is considered one of the greatest achievements of all time. (If you missed the video of Carl Sagan telling the Eratosthenes story before my session started you can see it at the Noon Day project** page here.) 

I will be chronicling my adventures in writing this book in my other blog. If you would like to be informed when I've updated this blog, please let me know by sending me an email: Of course, you can always sign up for an RSS feed at my other blog. 

Also if you would like to be on my emailing list please sign in at the agenda page for my session.

*See what Dan Meyer did at a grocery store that led to a great problem solving scenario. Link
**You can sign up your students for the Fall Noon Day project (not noted yet) starting on September 1st. Let me know if you are interested and I can help you with more details.