Sunday, July 29, 2012

Keynoter at NCTM regional in Hartford's topic "The Virtual Revolution of Teaching and Learning"

Accolades to the Hartford regional NCTM conference program committee for their choice of topic for the keynote presentation. If ever mathematics education is to get out of this era of doldrums where the Common Core (business as usual) Standards is the major rallying cry, it will be lead by linchpins like Jeremy Baileson who are creating disruptive forces that will eventuallly change the face of math education.

Blurb from regional conference preview:

Join Us in Hartford
At NCTM’s Regional Conference you’ll sharpen your skills, gain new techniques, and achieve your professional goals. Hear the latest from leading experts in math education, and learn the best strategies to help your students succeed. This is one math education event you can’t afford to miss!

Program Highlights
Opening Session
, Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Virtual Revolution of Teaching and Learning

Jeremy Bailenson, Stanford University

Jeremy explores how virtual reality will transform curricula, assessment tools, and the very nature of student/teacher relationships. Bailenson is founding director of Stanford University's Virtual Human Interaction Lab and an associate professor in the Department of Communication at Stanford.

Get a preview by watching his 2009 presentation on Youtube.