Saturday, September 30, 2017

CLIME Updates

Next April, 2018 CLIME will be celebrating its 30th anniversary and I will be stepping down as president and I look forward to have someone step forward to take my place to continue to lobby NCTM to promote powerful uses of technology in math education.

Technology is our best hope to break the cycle of continued failure particularly with our underachieving students. What it will take is something similar to an Apollo-like project that Keith Devlin encourages where motivation via video games play a central role in math learning.

Please let me know ( if you are interested in leading CLIME to next level wherever that goes. I will continue to play a support role (e.g. supporting the CLIME blog).

We will be holding a CLIME get together in Washington to celebrate the 30 years of CLIME participation as an affiliate group of NCTM. More details will follow.

CLIME Connections (Issue No. 217)

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Breaking News: NCTM splits with Math Forum

"At its July meeting, the NCTM Board of Directors decided that effective January 1, 2018, in order to create synergies on staff and among volunteers and reduce expenses, that all full-time NCTM employees would be located in the Reston, Virginia office. The decision to consolidate all NCTM staff in Reston was not purely a financial one, but was made for other business reasons as well, including the potential positive energy The Math Forum staff could have brought to the focused work of the departments at NCTM headquarters in Reston. Math Forum staff elected not to continue their employment with NCTM. The Board of Directors is very disappointed in this outcome, but NCTM is pleased to have been able to extend the Math Forum’s existence after Drexel ended their relationship with The Math Forum. We thank each and every member of the Math Forum for their commitment to mathematics education and hope each of them reconsiders their decision to leave NCTM." (Read entire post written by Matt Larson & Robert Berry.) Also, read this Twitter post.