Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Global Math Department Launches

Global Math Department
Are you tired of your math department meetings? Are they prone to put you to sleep? Well, there is a cure in the clouds. Its called the Global Math Department and it is housed conveniently on the Web as part of the community.

GMD’s About page tells you all you need to know about the group:
We are math teachers who share what we've learned, cause we don't want our classes to suck the energy from students. Professional development among friends, not just colleagues. Fun! Immediately useful! Interesting!
Reading that intro I bit and attended their weekly meeting last night. Chris Robinson, a middle school math teacher from northeast Pennsylvania, was our host and introduced the evening’s presenter Ilana Horn a researcher at Vanderbilt University.
Her topic was: Findings from Research.  Tonight, she presents five findings from research that have influenced how we think about teaching. Ilana Tweets at @tchmathculture and blogs at

You can experience this lively presentation and chat with a small, but very active group of math educators who attended here.

To become an active member of the Global Math Department go here and sign up and subscribe to their newsletter.

It was fun being a participant and I look forward to future sessions and will comment about them here at CLIME central.