Friday, January 28, 2011

Educon 2.3 Begins Today

Friday morning - I'm off to the Educon 2.3 conference in Philadelphia. Will be tweeting "math stuff" @climeguy #educonmath #educon while I'm there.
Arrived at 12:30 in snow covered Philly at the SLA (Science Leadership Academy.) Since it was a snow day for the school students came to school voluntarily to participate in the unconference that was created since the scheduled classroom visits were not possible. More to come...

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Math 2.0 Live! Great Math Activities-Lawrence Hall of Science

Tonight's Math 2.0 session (details) should be terrific. The Lawrence Hall of Science is a pioneer in developing and/or sharing some of the coolest math/science activities ever.

Previous Math 2.0 sessions (recordings available):
January 22nd, 2011. Bootstrap World programming environment. Host: Emmanuel Schanzer
January 12th, 2011. MoMath: Museum of Mathematics Hosts: Cindy Lawrence, Glen Whitney, George Hart

I'll be sharing my highlights of the session in my next blog entry. See comments below.