Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Math Blogosphere takes off

In my vision of math 2.0 teachers as bloggers are as commonplace as chalk and blackboard used to be. There is much to learn from the young (and not so young) math warriors who are exploring the new frontier of teachers collaborating on how to make math come alive, personable and of course useful in the lives of their students. Unfortunately, to date, very few math teachers know about how teachers are learning and improving their craft online with other like-minded math educators. Well, a group of these pioneers wanted to do something about it and make it resonate not only in the blogosphere, but everywhere there are communities that help young people learn math.

Though their website comes with a formidable handle mathtwitterblogosphere (MTBoS pronounced mitt-boss) don't let that stop you from joining.

Dan Meyer wrote: "File this [MTBoS] as Reason #437 I'm proud to be a part of this enormous professional community. link

Today (October 6th) begins 8 weeks of "Exploring the Mathtwitterblogosphere." Join up and follow this crash course.

Also on Tuesday nights you can join the Global Math Department for weekly presentations about math for teachers by teachers.

This week (Tuesday, October 8th 9pm) Karim Kai Ani (of fame) will be leading the conversation. You are all invited!