Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Math/Web 2.0 learning stations proposal to NCTM for Future Conferences

Tom Petra (realworldmath.org) sharing Google Earth Ideas
Learning Station Poster session-ISTE 2011
Each year at the annual NCTM conference there is an affiliate group Delegate Assembly where delegates propose ideas in the form of resolutions to the Board of Directors for review and possible adoption. The last technology proposal was back in 2008 (see Board's response to the technology resolution is in... and it ain't pretty) which the Board pretty much dismissed. So it seems appropriate that since technology is NCTM's Focus of the Year that we try again particularly since CLIME is it's technology affiliate. So here we go.

Be it resolved that the Delegate Assembly recommends to the NCTM Board of Directors that they provide an area in the convention center that would model how current technologies are changing and empowering math education. This area would include:

Free Wi-Fi access to those with laptops, iPads, and smartphones (which run faster with Wifi.) The cost for this limited location access could be shared among the corporate sponsors for the conference.
Tables where conference goers can comfortably sit, connect with their own personal computers as well as with colleagues and new acquaintances.
Learning Station Poster session(s) could be scaled appropriately and modeled similar to the ISTE learning station poster sessions described as "...All poster stations located in a public space and will include access to power, wireless Internet connectivity, and (optional due to expense)  a large-screen monitor or projection device to connect to their own laptop. They will also include a counter-height presentation table. (See photo above.) This area can become the Math/Web 2.0 Space and replace the dated Cyber Cafe model.*

In 2008 the board responded to RESOLUTION O.NR.08.01, which recommended that the board increase the opportunities for participants to use technology in sessions at the Annual Meeting. The board offered one option that included a limited number of workshop and session rooms will be provided with Internet connectivity for the presenter. CLIME believes that this recommendation should be revisited and revised to reflect the current trends in technology. By offering an area where Wifi is available conference attendance can interact with selected poster session presenters (teachers) who would share how Web 2.0 tools combined with dynamic math software can significantly enhance mathematics education and model the unique blend of activities that occur in a 21st century classroom.

As a friend of CLIME please let me know what you think of this draft of the resolution and share any ideas you might want to add to it. The deadline for submitting this resolution is today, so I hope you will respond before the end of the day.
Thanks - Ihor

*Note: NCTM has been hinting at a replacement by setting up independent computer kiosks at recent conferences for email checking/surfing for those without Wifi/Smartphone access.

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