Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Maria Droujkova - Make Math your Own

This morning I listened to a recording of Maria Droujkova giving a keynote address at the Learning Revolution Conference Online. The title of her talk was "From adventurous learning to disruptive innovations: brave design in mathematics education." Here's her description of the talk:
Robert Lang is building a space telescope as long as the island of Manhattan. His out-of-the-box origami play helped to figure out how to fold the telescope into a rocket’s tiny storage box. Vi Hart is a mathemusician. Her whimsical sculptures, videos, and workshops are deeply therapeutic for hundreds of thousands of people suffering from math anxiety. Hans Rosling is a doctor, a statistician, and a data superhero who influences the decision-making of millions with interactive infographics. The issues our society faces require innovative, brave solutions. We already have a lot of creative dreamers and doers: our kids! At Natural Math, we design education that recognizes and supports students as creators of their own math. We grow local and global communities of math learners. We advance the view of the mathematical education as an adventurous journey. We develop tasks that are rich and complex, yet easy. And we introduce advanced math concepts to young children, including calculus for five-year-olds.
Maria really captures what young people should be doing: to make math your own, you need to make your own math. Listen to her presentation and be inspired. I was. Here is the link to her slide presentation.

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