Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Technology & NCTM's Meeting in San Diego: A Closer Look

In CLIME’s 30+ years as a technology affiliate of NCTM a lot of changes have occurred in the world of technology. From the early programming days of using BASIC and Logo to today’s coding challenges we’ve come full circle. The biggest change is the development of social media (conveyance) tools that expands student’s and teacher’s opportunity to collaborate and communicate via Web 2.0 tools. There is also a plethora of dynamic math (action) software & technologies.

So in the spirit of looking for examples of the above I took a deep dive into the haystack containing 759 sessions and came up with 94 that mention technology terms.

Dynamic Math software and apps

Leading the pack with 16 sessions is Desmos and its applications. STEM and STEAM have 15 sessions. Coming in third (which was a surprise to me) with 10 sessions is coding. Graphing calculators are highlighted in 5 sessions while Geogebra has only 5. Other assorted references to technology appear in 14 sessions.

Here’s a list of all the technology related terms and the number of sessions in which they were found.

It’s interesting how a program like Desmos has caught fire. It is a good graphing program which can be used as an activity builder. But what makes it inspiring is the support and leadership provided by the Desmos staff.

Web 2.0 & Collaboration

There is only one session (#683) devoted to teachers collaborating with teachers online. That’s not to say there are not others devoted to students going online to collaborate with other students. I didn’t come up with any.

Twitter also has one session late on Saturday. Here's the description:
Have you heard Twitter is a great way to connect to other teachers? You've created an account, but aren't sure how to leverage its use for collaboration? Chats are often a nice way to join a conversation. Join us for a burst session focused on making you comfortable with types of chats you may find and some tips on joining the conversation. 
Go here for more details.

The highlighted sessions are the ones I hope to attend.

CLIME Meeting

If you are planning to be in San Diego next month please note the date, time and place for our meeting. More details to follow in future blogs.

The topic for the meeting will be the same as the title of this post: Technology and NCTM's Meeting in San Diego: A Closer Look.

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