Tuesday, July 11, 2017

An Email to David Wees re NCTM Affiliate's Conference

Hi David,
I just signed up for this conference in Baltimore that’s taking place in a couple of weeks. I’ll have our New Vision to do list  in hand which will give the other participants a good handle on what CLIME is all about. I’ll be sharing what happens while I'm there and in a blog post when I get back. Anything else I should bring up while I'm there?

On Jul 10, 2017, at 10:34 AM, NCTM Affiliates <affiliates@nctm.org> wrote:

Dear Ihor Charischak 

Thank you for registering for the 2017 NCTM Affiliate Leaders Conference, to be held in Baltimore, Maryland, July 22-24, 2017. We are truly looking forward to working with you during our time together! Both you and your Affiliate will benefit as we focus on this year’s theme, “Intent to Impact: Addressing Access, Equity, and Advocacy in your Affiliate.” In addition to building leadership capacity, the conference will include opportunities to exchange ideas and connect with the NCTM President, Matt Larson. You will be able to network with other Affiliate leaders in a variety of activities, develop Affiliate action plans, and learn more about being a partner with NCTM.

NCTM Affiliates across the country are faced with challenging issues related to mathematics education. Come together with other Affiliate leaders to consider the most urgent work in your setting through the lenses of Access, Equity, and Advocacy. Learn about tools and frameworks to support your work, and walk away with a specific, supported action plan to address your Affiliate-specific issues. This summer’s conference will launch a collaborative, ongoing learning model to enact your action plan during the 2017-18 school year.

Additionally, as a conference participant, you will have opportunities to— 
  • Develop strategies to empower your Affiliate and individuals within your Affiliate to take action for a high quality mathematics education for each and every learner;
  • Increase your self-awareness of micro-messaging and its impact on your work;
  • Learn how to minimize micro-inequities and maximize micro-affirmations;
  • Create an action plan to address an Affiliate-specific issue;
  • Mobilize the work of your Affiliate through your spheres of influence;
  • Challenge leaders to be deliberate about Equity, Access, and Advocacy in your Affiliate’s structures, practices, and activities;
  • Explore NCTM resources, including the Advocacy Toolkit;
  • Learn about the NCTM structure, resources, and initiatives, and participate in discussions with NCTM President Matt Larson, NCTM Staff, and Representatives of the Affiliate Relations Committee;
  • Discuss, collaborate, and network with other Affiliate leaders.
Free wireless internet will be available in the meeting room. Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet.

Gina Kilday
Membership and Affiliate Relations Committee
NCTM Board Liaison and Affiliates-at-Large Representative 

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