Thursday, March 21, 2013

Annual Meeting in Denver Technology Sessions Update

I've updated the listing of technology sessions at the Denver Annual NCTM meeting including more details about the sessions from the speakers who have responded to my request. If you are a speaker on a technology theme and your session is not listed please let me know ( and I will include your session. Also if you wish to have more detail than what is listed please send me a photo and additional information about your session. We know that you submitted your proposal to speak last May and you may want your potential attendees to know more about you and your presentation. I'll be continuing to update this listing (here is the link again) right through the conference. So its never to late to do so.

I will be attending the conference though this year CLIME will not be exhibiting so I'll be free to roam around the conference and report back to you about the sessions and exhibits that I found interesting.

I hope to see you there.
Ihor aka @climeguy on Twitter
Here is the list of my "go to" sessions from a previous blog. I hope to attend as many as I can.

1. Dynamic Math software
5 -     Chaos Games and Fractal Images
46 -   Collecting Live Data in Fathom
80 -   The Mathematics of Angry Birds
180 - Getting Serious about Games in Middle Grades Math (Lure of the Labyrinth) - Scott Osterweil
207 - Do the Function Dance with Sketchpad 5 - Scott Stekettee, Dan Scher
283 - The Gamification of Math: Research, Gaming Theory, and Math Instruction
502 - Help Students Dig into Data, Statistics, and Probability with TinkerPlots - Karen Greenhaus
279 - Math and Geography: Using Google Earth to Investigate Mathematics

2. Web 2.0 Tools
157 - Math Journal 2.0: Jump-Start Your Students' Reflections (blogging)
447 - Movie Making in Math
468 - Scan It, Solve It, Show It (QR Codes, BYOD-Bring your own device)
565 - Blogarithms: Converting Number Concepts into Talking Points
586 - Moving Beyond the Right Answer: Developing Students’ Math Communication Skills
707 - Sharing Student Lessons with iBooks Author, iBooks, and an iPad
717 - Effective Use of Virtual Manipulatives: Ready to Create Your Own?
724 - Viral Math Videos: A Hart-to-Hart Conversation

3. Dynamic Learning Communities
143 - PLC: The Practices, the Lessons, the Collaborative
680 - An Invitation to Experience Online Lesson Study Firsthand

4. Math 2.0 Curriculum
141 - Learning Online and Outdoors: Integrating Geocaching into the Mathematics Classroom - Lucy Bush and Jeff Hall - see their article on page 20 of this link
184 - Keeping It Real: Teaching Math through Real-World Topics ( - Karim Ani
402 - Stories and Technology: Providing Mathematics Opportunities for All
560 - Powerful Online Tools Promote Powerful Mathematics (Illuminations) - Patrick Vennebush
684 - Tools and Technology for Modern Math Teaching - Dan Meyer
685 - Computers in Early Childhood: Getting the Best of All Worlds - Doug Clements, Julie Sarama
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