Monday, February 27, 2012

Vendors at NCTM Conference

New! The speakers documents/handouts are now being posted on the NCTM site. Look for the folder or document icon next to the number of the session.

Speakers: If you are doing a technology related session, you can draw more attention to your session by updating your listing on our CLIME (technology sessions) website. Send me an email with what you like to include. Here's an example of an updated listing. (Click on image to see it on the web.)

Vendor Area - a Dynamic View
Click on image to visit the area
Can't make it to Philly?
For those of you that were hoping to present at the conference but either forgot to submit a proposal or were not accepted, there will be an online technology & math event on April 23rd sponsored by CLIME. Gary Stager will be one of the highlight presenter/discussant. You can join us at this time (exact time still to be determined) and share your ideas via electronic poster with the group. For more details contact Ihor at

CLIME Connections #102

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