Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Buzzhub at NCTM Annual Meeting

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Look what's new this year. Does this mean the Cyber Cafe is no more? Will there be Wifi in the Buzzhub? Not sure yet. Will find out. [The answer is yes! Check out the latest from NCTM.] Here's the description from the announcement:

Get connected at the NEW BuzzHub 
Download, upload, and get connected at the BuzzHub. With a social networking lounge, Internet station and the Presentation Spotlight and CTM's buzz hub is the central place for attendees to network and connect - plus you'll be surrounded by exhibits with advanced resources and technology to test and explorer. Stop by the BuzzHub in the exhibit hall to:
  • Network with teachers coaches supervisors and other educators. 
  • Check out free online resources and activities for your classroom. 
  • Surf the web and check your email.
  • Learn how to make your membership work for you. 
  • Stay connected with the latest social media updates. 
  • Collect free resources and activity packets. 
  • Hear special presentations from online resource specialists and journal editors.
  • Charge your devices and relax- be sure to BYOD (bring your own device)!
Clime Connections #97


  1. The Buzzhub will have Wifi and the Cyber Cafe!

  2. and, presumably, electricity as well

    1. You would think in this day and age electricity would be a given. But David is right, both of us know that we have to pay for electricity in the exhibit hall.