Friday, April 8, 2011

Tech related sessions at NCTM conference - An update

Do any of these key words inspire you to want to learn more about it at the NCSM/NCTM conference next week? This wordle was created using words from the titles and descriptions of all the tech-themed sessions at NCTM. Here is a list of all these sessions at NCTM (link).

Are you speaking at NCTM and would like to "improve" the current listing of your session (which you sent in last May) on the NCTM website? We can't change theirs, but you can change ours!  Go to the site CLIME technology-themed sessions and review your listing there. Then let me know (by email) if you want to change anything, share more info or add some reference links. I will make the changes for you immediately.

With the increased use of laptops and hand-held devices at NCTM conferences more attendees will be aware of the CLIME site and would use your latest information to help them make better informed decisions as to which sessions to attend. Also you can refer attendees to the CLIME site ( where they can click on "Click here"  to get to the sessions.

Want to stay better organized at the conference? There's an App for that. Get the new NCTM Conference app now available for Android and iPhone.

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