Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My upcoming talk and Indy Highlights Update

I'm speaking at the winter math conference of AMTNJ in Somerset, NJ tomorrow. Here's a description of the talk:

The Internet, Web 2.0, and dynamic math software make possible new venues for teaching and learning math that incorporate powerful ways of collaborating, exploring, and sharing of ideas. Much of this spirit is not included in the latest version of the CCSS. This session will highlight some examples of how this can be corrected. 

I'm working on a article that will be a companion piece to this talk that I'll post here when it is finished. 

CLIME Indy Conference update:
  • There is now a clickable version of the listing of the technology sessions at the Indianapolis NCTM conference. It includes updates of the descriptions that are listed in the conference program guide. If you are speaking at the conference and would like to update your description send me an email with your changes. 
  • Also take a look at We will be including more descriptions of sessions there as well. In fact, it's a Ning site so you can do it yourself!

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