Thursday, May 27, 2010

Math 2.0 at NCTM Conference - A recap - part 2

So how did my adventure in the CLIME booth at NCTM in San Diego go? Curious minds wanted to know. So Maria Droujkova invited me to talk about it at the Math 2.0 Elluminate session recently. We also had a followup interview discussion about it since the audio portion of the original session left a lot to be desired. You can read Maria's recap and catch the archived interview here.


  1. Thanks for posting your update on the NCTM 2010 meeting in San Diego. I wonder if you might want to engage some of the people who came to visit you in the booth to give their impression of technology use at NCTM. Might be interesting to gather a few opinions from other math folks who you mentioned in the summary.

  2. Thanks for posting the new blog entry. I'm interested in reading more about the CLIME booth at NCTM