Friday, April 16, 2010

Math 2.0 in CLIME Booth #230: What's going on?

Are you San Diego bound for the Math Conferences starting on Monday? Here is a quick update on CLIME's Math 2.0 events. 

NCSM Conference - Wednesday, April 21.
Attend the special interest group session on Math 2.0 at the NCSM conference at 2:45 (till 4) at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Windsor BC room. More details.

In the NCTM Exhibit Hall - Booth #230 - CLIME Connections. April 22-24.
=>Learn about Math 2.0: teaching and learning math dynamically with powerful software tools in a Web 2.0 world.  (First session: Thursday, April 22nd - 11:00am-12noon)

=>Experience Math 2.0 activities. For example, how close are you to being the average traveler to this conference? Find out by participating (at the booth) in a web-based crowdsourcing activity which involves Google Maps & Spreadsheets to do it's algebraic magic. See my blog entry about this activity.

=>Find out more about how Web 2.0 serves as a platform for a new way of learning math (from the “Inside Out.”)

=>Scheduled events will be posted at the booth. For example, meet prominent math educator bloggers who are taking professional development to the next level by collaborating online and transforming their classrooms taking advantage of emerging (and some old) technologies.

=>The CLIME booth will be HQs for all blogging, tweeting and podcasting about the conference.

=>Here are links to a detailed list of all technology sessions at NCSM and NCTM.

 If you are not attending and want to follow this technology strand/theme as it happens, just go to for the most up to date information.

Booth 230 along with the rest of the exhibit area opens at 8:30 on Thursday, April 22. Stop by to say hello. I look forward to meeting there or online.

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