Friday, July 28, 2017

Let's Retire #MTBoS?

In his latest blog Dan Meyer calls for retiring the hashtag MTBoS and replace it with #iteachmath. Dan writes:
"I’m not asking us to retire the #MTBoS (unabbreviated: the Math Twitterblogosphere) the collection of people, ideas, and relationships that has provided the most satisfying professional development and community of my life. I’m asking us to stop referring to it as “the MTBoS” and to stop using the hashtag “#MTBoS” in online conversations.
That’s because this community is only as good as the people we invite into it. We currently represent only the tiniest fraction of the math teachers in the world, which means we (and I’d like to believe they also) are missing out.
That fraction will stay tiny so long as our name alienates people. And it alienates people. [...] So I’m going to stop referring to my participation in “the MTBoS” and instead talk about how much I love “Math Teacher Twitter.” I’m going to stop tweeting using “#MTBoS” and instead tweet using “#iteachmath.” (more of his blogpost)
 I'm not quite sure what to make of it.

 I'm a little confused. :-) I agree with Dan that MTBoS is a little off-putting and another, better name would improve things. But not #iteachmath which is too general and misses the point of MTBoS which is a group of math educators that tweet and/or blog and those folks need to continue to share their empowerment in using those tools.

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