Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Twitter Math Camp (#TMC15)

Twitter Math Camp 2015 ended last Friday. Mary Bourassa is one of the organizers and is not afraid that calling this conference a Twitter event will scare away most "reasonable" thinking math educators. Why? Because this may be the best math event anywhere. Just ask any MTBoS member who attended the conference!

Here's one. Christopher Danielson was a participant, speaker and early blogger of his experience there.

And another. Meg Craig. Important things you need to know (about TMC15)

More experience sharing via blogs is coming. Just follow the hastag #TMC15 and keep up with the commentary.

VIP Matt Larson (president-elect of NCTM) is now on Twitter! He also attended TMC 15. Things they are a changin'.

Hot off the press: Math Forum Joins NCTM!