Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Greetings from Philadelphia where the NCTM Web 2.0 Experience was Awesome

If you stumbled upon Booth 1211 (Pearson Photo Lounge) in the exhibit hall you too could have been on the cover of a post card! The photographer did a marvelous job of wiping out all my wrinkles so I now prominently display it in my office here in White Plains, NY where I'm furiously debriefing the conference. (I started in the previous couple of blogs, but this one continues my story.) For me everything that happened at the conference pales in comparison to the excitement I experienced to be a fully equipped Math 2.0 Educator. Since my goal was not to just learn from the experts who were presenting, but from the "wisdom of the crowd" as folks used the free Wifi to blog and tweet from pretty much anywhere in the conference. I have attended almost all of the conferences since 1986 and this is the first time I was truly excited about how technology via Web 2.0 tools enhanced the NCTM conference going experience. Along with mine I'll be sharing your thoughts, comments and stories related to how technology enhanced the experience of being at the conference. Please share your links to your stories by tweeting #nctm12 or adding a comment below.

A great website for reviewing all the tweets is topsy.com. Go there and enter nctm12 and relive the experience.

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