Sunday, April 3, 2011

My list of sessions to attend at #NCTM11
Time's a wasting... Just 10 days before the Indy conference begins. If you are heading to Indy for a doubleheader: NCSM and NCTM here are some session ideas for both conferences:

NCSM Conference
SIGs on Wednesday afternoon. David Weksler and I will be facilitating the discussion on Math 2.0: New Opportunities for Collaborative Teaching and Learning Math with Internet-based Tools (Details)
Focus on STEM. Here's the listing of the sessions in the Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Strand. 
Other technology-themed sessions at NCSM.
108. Moving Your Faculty Toward Diagnostic Teaching, Formative Assessment, and Individualized Instructional Techniques. -Annie Fetter & Steve Rizberg
128. Dynamic Geometric Pathways to Functions Promote Conceptual Understanding of the Variation of Variables and the Behavior of Functions. -Scott Steketee
139. Designing and Teaching Mathematics Lessons to the iGeneration. -Eric Milou
143. It's About Time Publishing Sponsor Showcase: Incorporating Technology with a Standards-Based Program Produces Results. --James Kearns
168. The Ethics of Using Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) and Other Advanced Technologies in High School Mathematics. -Zalman Usiskin
201. Common Standards and Uncommon Teaching: Different Paths to the Same Goal. -David Dockterman 
237. The Role of Electronic Media in Supporting Instruction. -Cal Armstrong, Art Mabbott

244. Key Curriculum Press Showcase: Ignite! Speakers Enlighten the Room with Fresh Ideas in Mathematics.-Karen Coe

List of all sessions - Link
Technology Showcase (vendor) sessions - Link

NCTM Conference
My wish list. If I wasn't tied to the CLIME booth for most of the conference or if I could clone myself, here are some friends of CLIME whose sessions I would definitely attend.
Thursday-April 14

Friday-April 15
*The above were (or will be) participant hosts of the Math 2.0 Live Elluminate event.

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Follow NCTM conference tweets at #nctm11 (Also check in #nctm for those not aware of #nctm11)

NCTM conference Tweetups!
Thursday, April 14 - 11:00am - Booth 326 in the exhibit hall. Use your smartphone app or online to find it! If you can't make it at 11 then stop by anytime so I can add you to the NCTM Conference twitter list. We'll schedule as many as interest indicates!
Thursday, April 14 - 6:00pm - Tweetup sponsored by McGraw Hill at Scotty's Brewhouse

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