Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Keith Devlin - not a keynote speaker at NCTM but should be

You may know of Keith Devlin as a mathematician, Radio's NPR Math Guy and the prolific author of some wonderful math books. But did you know that he is a master level player of World of Warcraft - a massively-multiplayer on-line role playing video game? Or that his two daughters experience with video games in the early 1980s started him on 30 year journey to find out how video games can solve many of our current ills in math education? His recent book "Mathematics Education for a New Era" documents that journey and he will be sharing that vision at his session at the NCTM conference in Indianapolis next month. (More details about his session are available here.)


  1. Is what Keith is proposing in his book impossible? "Yes!" says Robert Hanson in a reply to Jonathan Groves post at the math-teach discussion forum. What do others think about Robert's argument?

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