Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Math 2.0 Live! Great Math Activities-Lawrence Hall of Science

Tonight's Math 2.0 session (details) should be terrific. The Lawrence Hall of Science is a pioneer in developing and/or sharing some of the coolest math/science activities ever.

Previous Math 2.0 sessions (recordings available):
January 22nd, 2011. Bootstrap World programming environment. Host: Emmanuel Schanzer
January 12th, 2011. MoMath: Museum of Mathematics Hosts: Cindy Lawrence, Glen Whitney, George Hart

I'll be sharing my highlights of the session in my next blog entry. See comments below.


  1. Guest host last night was Dr. Sherry Hsi an education researcher, designer, and learning technologist with the Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California, . She co-leads the SMILE Pathway, a U.S. National Science Foundation-funded digital library of inquiry-based activities for science and mathematics informal learning educators that draws the best materials from across different museums and science centers are lots of goodies here. I discovered an activity about slide rules that looked terrific. Why Slide rules? Aren't they just a historical relic of what computing was like prior to the advent of computer technology? Yes, but its also a terrific way to explore a topic in math "from the inside out" namely why exponents can turn multiplication into addition! If you read the Wikipedia entry on "Slide Rule" the math behind it you may be overwhelmed by the more advanced discussion. However the activity "Make your own slide rule" from the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry's educator resources does a terrific job of making logarithms much more accessible and interesting for students 4th grade and up.

  2. Correction to the web address for educator resources in previous comment: