Saturday, October 16, 2010

Heads Up: CLIME's annual meeting in Indianapolis, April 2011

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CLIME and their friends have started discussing plans for CLIME's presence at the the Indy Conference next April. Here's what's up so far:
  • As we did last year in San Diego, CLIME is planning to promote Math 2.0 in the exhibit hall once again at the Indy meeting.
  • The NCTM program committee announced they will be releasing a list of the sessions in early November. CLIME will highlight the technology related sessions once the session titles are released.
  • CLIME has submitted proposal for another SIG Math 2.0 session at the NCSM Conference which will also be held in Indianapolis just prior to the NCTM conference. Here's the description of last year's Technology SIG in San Diego.
Let us know (with a comment) if you are planning to attend the conference. 

Also your ideas and comments about promoting the vision of Math 2.0 are welcome! 

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010