Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tech at the Conference: A View from inside the Exhibitor's booth

To everyone who attended the NCTM conference:
It's over. What a trip. It was my first time exhibiting at the annual meeting. As the president of an affiliate group - Council for Technology in Math Education (CLIME) - I took advantage of an NCTM discount for renting the booth to be there. What wonderful conversations I had with people about the thrill and challenges of teaching math with technology. Here are some of my highlights both in and out the booth.
*Nick Jackiw - chief architect of Geometer's Sketchpad at Key's Sketchpad User's group meeting sharing the magic that Sketchpad 5 can do with its new features inspired by a visit with the developers of Avatar. (Hear his dynamic visualization talk.)
*Bonnie Roskes - sharing Google Sketchup at my booth. What a treat. I made a mathcast of her presentation which I'll post very soon.
*Daryl Stermon - on the local arrangements committee. Meeting him again after 14 years. He is one of the pioneers of Internet use at NCTM meetings. See his original report from the 1996 meeting in San Diego. Daryl and I dream of the day when NCTM will provide Internet/Wifi access at all sessions. (We're lobbying for it.:-)
I got to run now. More later.

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