Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Math 2.0 Unconference 2010 opportunity - WCYDWT*?

As a president of an affiliate group of NCTM I can get a discounted table in the exhibit area in San Diego next April. (See NCTM's Announcement). This might be an interesting possibility for having a HQ for the Math 2.0 (Un)Conference that I'm planning for next April.
So the question of the day is what would you/we do with this space? It will cost us $475 for the furnishings, but the space itself usually costs vendors about $2000.00. (We can worry about the cost later.)
Please share your ideas with me by adding a comment to this post. (If we go with this, I will definitely make the trip.)
*Thanks to Dan Meyer and Kate Novak for promoting WCYDWT (What can you do with this?) in your math class.