Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Technology updates at NCTM: some signs of life?

Though the NCTM Board was adamant about not spending $$$ for wireless access in Washington, DC (see previous blog) there are signs of technological life at NCTM. Here are some examples:
  • Call for Manuscripts: 2010 Focus Issue: Learning and Teaching Mathematics through Technology. It sounds like the NCTM Editorial Board is interested in catching up with what's happening with technology in math by soliciting manuscripts for their Mathematics Teacher journal. Unfortunately, by the time these papers get published in 2010 most of the articles will need an update. This Web 1.0 strategy may need to be reimagined*.
  • Check Out NCTM's Math News Feed. Now you can keep up with what the media is saying about math education. Read the Council's scrolling news feed online, or subscribe to the RSS feed to have it delivered to your computer each day. Source: Member Update Newsletter
  • At the affiliate leadership meeting in Philly last month Hank Kepner (NCTM's new prez) encouraged members of CLIME and others to share ideas about how best to incorporate Web 2.0 (and other tech as tool) ideas in the teaching and learning math. I'll be sharing these ideas in future CLIME blogs. In the meantime please share your ideas with me. (Click on the envelop icon below.
* tells me there is no such word as reimagined. Does that mean it belongs to the Web 2.0 lexicon? (I think so.)