Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Wanna Do Curriculum - Math & Web 2.0 continued

In my last entry (on the old iWeb blog site* CLIME blog) I started to write about a math curriculum that students actually "want to do" (instead of the current "have to do" force-fed one) where context and content are mixed together in a way that engages students to want to learn. This what I call Math Ed 2.0 where math and technology merge to create a beautiful friendship. I'll be sharing more about what I mean in my upcoming CLIME episodes. Stay tuned...

*Dotmac switched to mobile me this week and has caused much havoc with iWeb publishing. So I will be using Blogger's site for my CLIME blog from now on. CLIME's home page will continue to be at clime.org hopefully without too many glitches and will have a link to the current blog. No one ever said that the Web 2.0 world was going to be easy to navigate... but then these are the pioneer days. Welcome aboard!